FAQ College Process

COMING SOON: The answers

Should my teacher recommendation be from current year teacher or is sophomore year ok?
What can you get merit based scholarships for? And how likely are you to receive one?
What happens to a student who is not accepted at any college?
What is the SAT criteria
If you apply early decision and don’t get in what happens to your application? Are you denied or put into the pool?
When we visit college campuses, it seems like all of the information sessions are the same/say the same things. as an admissions officer, G G what kind of questions would you ask outside of the standard “fit” questions?
Does early action impact chances the way early decision might?
Any advice how can I help my son to choose his major ?
Is there any practice for college essays in any extra classes?
What advice do you have for someone looking to go outside of the country?
If you add a college to the “I’m thinking about it” list” in Naviance, does the college know you favorited it?
For the parent: how far do you push your unmotivated child who can’t focus beyond the next video game session he has planned for the weekend afternoon?
How many words should our college essays be?
Will teachers let students know if they don’t feel they can write a good recommendation letter?
Should I write my essays about sports?
Does the school can help to get Soccer scholarship ? How ?
Do certain counselors have relationships with specific colleges?
Is there a resource that will estimate chance of acceptance to a school before applying?
Should I take a break between taking SATs or is it okay to do them back to back?
How important are school activities in college app
What is the best way to try to explain a bad grade?
How many AP subject should be taken in order to graduate next year ?
Do Virginia public colleges share info on applicants?
Is GPA calculated quarterly or does only the end of year grade count? So if you got a “B” for one quarter, but an A for end of year, did the B bring your grade come down?
Can colleges see which other colleges I am applying to? If so what is the effect on my application?
Do colleges recognize the Girl Scout gold award the same as Eagle Scouts?
If you’re fortunate enough to be able to hire a college counselor, how would you use that service for your student?
How can I make out of state and private in state colleges more affordable?
How many APs should I take senior year? More than junior year or less?
As the nice game is played so how much the GPA works for finding the best colleges?
Is demonstrated interest really a thing?
If you apply early decision, but you don’t get the aid you need, what happens? Is it assumed that you’re not depending on aid/scholarships?