Profile of Yorktown High School

Printable Profile: YHS Profile 2019-2020


5200 Yorktown Boulevard, Arlington, Virginia 22207

Main Phone 703-228-5400

Fax: 703-228-5409

CEEB NUMBER – 470130

School Profile 2019-2020

The Community

Yorktown High School is located in Arlington, Virginia. Arlington County is home to one of the nation’s most diverse and sophisticated student populations. Coming from countries around the world, Arlington students speak more than 104 different languages. They have ready access to a variety of cultural and academic resources in the county and in the nation’s capital, which is located just a short distance across the Potomac River. As a community of over 230,000 people, where over 93% of high school graduates continue their college education, Arlington has the highest percentage of residents with a bachelor’s degree or higher. With over 27,000 students enrolled in Arlington Public Schools, this active and involved community ensures that Arlington Schools support the cultivation of inquiring minds, respect for learning, ethical behavior, an understanding of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, and an appreciation of diverse cultures.

The Curriculum

Yorktown High School is one of three comprehensive high schools in Arlington County for students in grades 9 through 12. The goal of Arlington Public Schools is to teach all students a broad body of knowledge, effective communication skills, a rational system of thought, and use of their creativity. The curriculum offers students an opportunity to study in preparation for college, military service or the working world. Students may graduate with a Standard Diploma or an Advanced Studies Diploma. The English Learners (EL) program provides courses appropriate for students with limited English skills. Yorktown’s curriculum also accommodates students with Individual Education Plans or 504 Plans. Ninety-five percent of these students are integrated into the general education program. The curriculum also offers various levels of courses for students who choose to engage in challenging coursework. Courses designated as Standard and Principles indicate that the curriculum highlights a global approach to the subject with an emphasis on applications. Courses designated as Intensified or Advanced indicate the subject is studied in depth and at an accelerated pace. An extra quality point is not awarded for these courses. Courses are offered for Dual Enrollment which allows students who successfully complete the course to receive both high school and college credit. Students enrolled in the Advanced Placement courses are required to take the accompanying AP test. In 2018, 1023 Yorktown students took 2673 AP exams and 74.2% of our seniors graduated having scored 3 or higher on at least one AP exam.

The School

Total Student Population: (9th–12th) 2,165 

Grade 12: 467

Grade 11: 529

Grade 10: 525

Grade 09: 613

  • Ranked in the top 2% of Best College Prep Public High Schools in America by Niche
  • Fully accredited through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
  • Accredited by the state on the basis of exceeding a 70% passing rate on the Standards of Learning Exams
  • 2016 State Board of Education Distinguished Achievement Award Recipient
  • Supports a diverse student body; both in ethnicity (Asian 8%, Black 6%, Hispanic 16%, Multi Race 5%, White 64%) and in learning programs (Gifted 26%, Special Education 16%, Limited English Proficient 9%).
  • School wide program to promote the social and emotional growth of all students.
  • Offers extra-curricular activities in 65 clubs and 28 interscholastic sports.
  • Yorktown AP Scholars is a 4-year program in which students participate with other scholars in small and large group settings for academic mentoring, enrichment activities, and a special interest project. Students complete at least 6 Advanced Placement classes and a written reflection about their special interest project.
  • 30 AP courses, 18 Advanced/Intensified courses, 19 Dual Enrollment courses
  • 2019 Graduation Survey 88% of our students plan on attending a 4-year college and 8% plan on attending a 2-year program

ADVANCED AND COLLEGE OFFERINGS INTENSIFIED & ADVANCED COURSES •English 9 Intensified •English 10 Intensified •World History (Modern) Intensified •World History (Ancient) Intensified •Algebra I Intensified •Geometry Intensified •Algebra II-Trigonometry Intensified •Pre-Calculus Intensified •Computer Programming Advanced •Computer Programming Intensified •Earth Space Intensified •Ecology Intensified •Biology Intensified •Chemistry Intensified •Physics Intensified •Advanced Studies in French •Advanced Studies in Latin •Advanced Studies in Spanish

DUAL ENROLLMENT COURSES • Adv.Topics Information Technology •Digital Photography III •Geospatial Systems •Linear Algebra (Math 285) • Math 151/152 •Teachers for Tomorrow •Vector Calculus (Math 277) DIPLOMA OPTIONS AP COURSES • Art History • Studio Art: Drawing • Studio Art: 2D • Studio Art: 3D • Music Theory • Biology • AB Calculus • BC Calculus • Chemistry • Environmental Science • Physics I • Physics II • Physics C (Electricity & Magnetism) • Physics C (Mechanics) • Computer Science A • Computer Science Principle • Statistics • English Language • English Literature • Spanish Language • Spanish Literature • French • German • Latin • Chinese • Psychology • US History • World History (Modern) • European History • Human Geography • United States Government • Macroeconomics • Microeconomics Standard

Standard Diploma 22 credits Advanced Studies Diploma 24/25 credits
4 English 4 English
1 World History 1 World History
1 VA-US History 1 VA-US History
1 VA-US Government 1 VA-US Government
1 Additional Social Studies 1 Additional Social Studies
2 Health and Physical Education 2 Health and Physical Education
3 Mathematics (includes Algebra I & above) 4 Mathematics (includes Algebra I & above)
3 Laboratory Sciences 4 Laboratory Sciences
1 Economics/Personal Finance 1 Economics/Personal Finance
1 Fine/Practical Arts 1 1 Fine/Practical Arts
4 Electives 3 Electives
3-4 Foreign Language (3 years of one or 2 years each of two)


Yorktown uses a 4.0 Grading Scale

Letter Percent Points AP Points
A 90-100 4 5
  B+ 87-89 3.5 4.5
B 80-86 3 4.0
  C+ 77-79 2.5 3.5
C 70-76 2.0 3.0
  D+ 67-69 1.5 2.5
D 60-66 1.0 2.0
E 59 & below 0 0

A ‘W’ may appear on the transcript if the student drops the course after the first quarter. Middle school students taking high school credit courses may choose to include them in their transcripts. Courses which are graded Pass/Fail (Independent Studies, Fine Arts Apprenticeship, Volunteer Service) are not computed into the student’s grade point average. Yorktown High School does not rank students by grade point averages.

SAT EBRW 624  MATH 629
ACT Composite 28.1   English 28.3.  Math 27.4.   Reading 28.3    Science  27.9


School Staff

Principal – Dr. Kevin Clark

Assistant Principal for 12th Grade – Suzanne Evans

Assistant Principal for 11th Grade – Emmet Conroy

Assistant Principal for 10th Grade – Scott McKeown

Assistant Principal for 9th Grade – William Lomax

Director of Counseling Services – Mark Rooks

Director of Student Activities – Michael Krulfeld

College and Career Counselor – MD Calabro

School Counselors

Danielle Dessaso,  Allison Gilbert,  Juanice Jenkins, Ashley Moore,  Rafael Espinoza, Austin Hamill,  Carolyn Kroeger, Jessica Reeve,  Jeffrey Stahl


5200 Yorktown Boulevard, Arlington, Virginia 22207 703-228-5400 Fax: 703-228-5409 CEEB NUMBER – 470130