SEL and R.O.C.S

What are the goals of Yorktown’s Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)? What is R.O.C.S?

In January, 1999, ninety-five percent of our faculty voted in support of implementing a dual focus at Yorktown:

  • high academic expectations for every student,
  • and the conscious promotion of skills and attitudes every individual needs for success in school and life.

The goals of our SEL program are to expand our students’ understanding of what intelligence means; help our students develop their capacity to understand themselves, make intelligent decisions, and develop healthy interpersonal relationships; and to promote a school environment that is challenging, nurturing, and inclusive.

R.O.C.S is a part of the SEL program, and stands for Respect Others, Community and Self. At Yorktown, we know that a positive, respectful school environment can never be taken for granted. Our R.O.C.S emphasis helps us to focus daily on being a supportive, welcoming, and respectful school.