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Backing Up Your APS MBA

Backing Up your APS MacBook

HOW TO back up your APS MacBook Files

1.) Open a web browser of your choice and navigate to APS Google Drive account via MyAccess@APS.
2.) Make sure you are Signed Out of any personal/non-APS Google Accounts.
3.) From the APS Google Drive click on +New on the top left corner and select Folder.
4.) Name the folder “Backup” or something to that effect (ie: “Backup 12-3-21”.) Keep this window open.
5.) On your MacBook, open Finder and select Documents, Desktop, Downloads, or anywhere else you store files from the sidebar.
6.) Set up the Finder window side by side next to your web browser window (from Step 1).

A few things to keep in mind:

HOW TO save your Browser Bookmarks