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Google Takeout for Students & Staff

Google Takeout for Staff & Students

Graduating, Transferring, and Unenrolling Students

Students who leave APS for any reason will have their accounts automatically disabled. Prior to departing, students should use a service called Google Takeout to download any and all materials from their APS-issued Google accounts, which can then be uploaded into a new, private Google account that those students create independently.

Google Takeout for Withdrawing Students & Seniors

If you are a Graduating Senior or student withdrawing from Yorktown read below to back up your Google Apps for Edu Account so you can take it with you.

Google Takeout

Former students who would like to request temporary access to their already-disabled accounts should contact the Yorktown High School EdTech Office.  Please include

  • Complete name as it appeared during your enrollment at Yorktown
  • your student ID number
  • your grade level at the time of departure
  • three dates you would like to access your account
  • specifically indicate you wish to regain access to your Google account

Please note: Yorktown personnel have absolutely no access to this system, and cannot assist you directly.

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