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Mac: Change Sound Output Device

When you connect your MBA to the teaching wall, and your teaching wall includes USB speakers (usually connected to the SmartBoard), you may need to manually select the sound output device. Usually this happens automatically, but in case you need to change it, here’s how:

First, click the Apple in the upper left-hand corner of your screen, and then click “System Preferences.” The System Preferences panel will appear. Click “Sound.”

System Preferences Panel

The Sound panel will appear.


Click the “Output” tab near the top. Locate the USB sound device from your list. It may say “USB Device” or “USB Speakers” or something like that. (This may vary computer to computer and room to room.) You need only click it to highlight it. You may now close System Preferences and proceed normally.

Be sure the speakers are turned on and that you are playing sound before contacting Technical Support for assistance.

If you need help after this, contact the Help Desk at 2847.