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Mac: Network Drives & Printer Installer

Connecting to APS Network Locations on Mac

For a quick YouTube video showing this process (you may need to use the Content Filter Bypass), click here. (This link is hosted off APS’s website. APS is not responsible for content available beyond this initial ink.)

Step 1: Locate the white letter H in a blue box, located in your dock. This is your “Network Location “Icon.


Step 2: Click the white letter H in a blue box from the menu that appears. This will attempt to connect to your H drive.


Step 3: Wait while the network connection is established. If you cannot connect, double-check to be sure you are properly connected to the APS wireless network or that your hardwired connection is working.


Step 4: By default, “Name:” will be filled in with the name of your computer account, probably “Teacher.” Recall that this is not the same as your OneLogin credentials. Change “Name:” to your OneLogin user name (firstname.lastname) and enter your OneLogin password, then press “Connect.”


Step 5: Your H drive should now appear.


Step 6: The “Add Printers” installer will now work. You can find it back in the “Network Location” menu, which you found by clicking the white letter H in the blue box in your dock. Once it opens, find “Yorktown” and double click (one at a time) the printers you want to install.


Please be very patient while installing printers. The windows can take some time to appear. After you double-click the printer that you wish to install, it can take several minutes to install. There will be no apparent activity while the installation takes place.

To see if a printer is installed, you can open the “Printers” pane of your “System Preferences.” You can also right click any printer to set it as the default printer.