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Install and Update via the APS App Catalog

Install & Update via the APS App Catalog - Header

How to install & update programs to your MBA via the APS App Catalog.

To install APS-approved programs on your MacBook Air you must go through the APS App Catalog.

You will find the App Catalog icon in the bottom right of your dock on your desktop OR on the Launchpad.  This is a specific link for your device only.  If you do not see this icon you will need to visit us during EdTech Office Hours or Schedule a time that works best for you to have your laptop reimaged.

Here is how you can do that…

1.) Open the “App Catalog” – square blue icon with the white down arrow in the bottom right corner of your dock. Open the App Catalog
2.) Scroll through to find the App/Program you need or search in the search box at the top right of the screen.

Click “Install” once and then again next to the program/application you wish to install.

Some programs are already installed and to get the most updated version you need to click “Install” again, even if it already says “Installed”.

For Example:
Click "Install" again on "Printers - Allow Students to Install - App Catalog"
*NOTE* If you are looking to install an Adobe Licensed program (ie: Photoshop or Illustrator) or Zoom but cannot find it in your App Catalog, please check in with your teacher first to make sure you are on the approved list.

  • Adobe Licenced Programs are only approved for some specific Fine Arts or Publication courses and are approved centrally in APS.
  • Zoom is only approved for some Performing Arts and ASL courses and is also approved centrally in APS.

4.) Let this run for about 20 – 60 minutes.  The install time can vary widely based on file size, internet speed, and computer processing speed.

5.) Restart your computer and you may begin using your program/application.

If you are not successful after you complete the steps above…

  1. Go back to the App Catalog and start over at #1 above, it may take longer to push down the program depending on your connectivity.
  2. If the above directions do not work your next step is to visit us during EdTech Office Hours or Schedule a time that works best for you.