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Canvas and Teams

Canvas & Teams

The Department of Teaching and Learning has designated that all APS schools use a learning management system (LMS) called Canvas and a live videoconferencing platform called Microsoft Teams. You may hear teachers refer to their “Canvas course” or their “Class Team,” in which they are referring to Canvas and Teams, respectively.

Students will access Canvas and Teams apps on their MacBook Air. You may wish to access Canvas or Teams using another device, such as a phone or personal device.

To find your Canvas Courses students must first log in to MyAccess (https://myaccess.apsva.us).

Here is an example of what a student’s MyAccess login will look like.

This is the student view for MyAccess. A for APS. Applications. Name. Canvas: Learning Management System. Destiny Discover: Yorktown, Discovery Education, Google@APS, Google Apps for Education, MacInVia, Naviance: Yorktown High School. Office 365: Microsoft in the CLoud, StudentVUE: Online Access to your informaiton.

For more information on MyAccess please visit Student Accounts & Passwords.


Canvas Logo Square

  • To find your Canvas courses click on Canvas in the MyAccess main menu.
  • This will take you to your Canvas Dashboard where you can see all the classes you are enrolled in.
  • Please be aware, there is no way to add parents directly to Canvas at this time.
    • There are a handful of APS Canvas parent accounts out there because their child was in a course with a teacher who was in the Canvas Grading Pilot.  This Pilot is still in process (20-21 SY).  They were offered access to seeing grades and progress via the Parent App because those teachers were not posting individual grades in Synergy.  This did not give them access to the course.  For parents who want to see what is going on in a teacher’s course, we recommend parents to sit with their child and work together to see the course or participate in parallel-learning while viewing their accounts together.

Yorktown has a course template for Canvas that all teachers are expected to adhere to and keep a consistent view across all Canvas Courses.  Students should see in their Canvas Courses:

  • A clean Navigation bar on the left side of the screen
  • An introduction to course Module
  • Organized content in Modules
  • A Home Page with links to Modules and units of study, an image of your teacher(s), and other relevant resources
  • A direct link to the Course Syllabus from the Homepage
  • Regularly updated pages, assignments, and assessments
  • Teachers may feel free to use more of the robust features of Canvas to support all students’ needs.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Logo Square


  • Open the Microsoft Teams program on your MacBook Air by going to Launchpad  > Microsoft Teams