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Technology Use and Online Safety

Technology Use & Safety

Our school seeks to be a leader in the use of digital and collaborative 21st century technologies to enhance students’ ability to learn. All students are expected to use technology at school appropriately and are required to adhere to APS School Board Policy Implementation Procedure (PIP) 45-2. In summary, the PIP states:

  • School facilities and devices are for school-related instructional use.
  • No person may alter computer settings without authorization.
  • Students may not circumvent internet content filter settings.
  • No person may plagiarize or otherwise violate intellectual property rights.
  • No person has privacy using any Arlington Public Schools system, under APS PIP 45-2, Paragraph 14.

Students may use their own electronic devices while at Yorktown. Teachers have discretion over what technology may or may not be used, and in what way, inside classrooms and during classes, so long as those activities comply with school and school board policies and applicable laws. Students bringing technology to school are responsible for the safety, security, and maintenance of that technology. The school cannot be and is not liable for the loss of personal technology property, nor can or will maintain that technology. However, students may use personal electronic devices for instructional and learning purposes under the supervision of staff.

Students should always follow the instructions of any staff member. One teacher’s classroom rule about the use of technology does not supersede another staff member’s rule, nor do any staff member’s rules supersede policies of the school board. Students who violate Yorktown’s rules about technology will be subject to discipline under applicable policies and/or laws.

Digital Citizenship & Online Safety

  • Students at any grade level may access the “Be Internet Awesome” digital citizenship curriculum online. Please visit the Be Internet Awesome page to explore “Interland.” This all-age-appropriate curriculum can help prompt meaningful conversations with your students about how to utilize online resources responsibly.

Social Media

Staff members are not allowed to be “Friends” with students on Facebook, nor can they communicate in private, one-on-one sessions using any social media platform. Teachers and students may, and often will communicate using APS-sanctioned collaborative tools like the school website, Canvas, or Microsoft Google Apps for Education.

Digital Harassment

Cyberbullying is a crime. (See VA Code §18.2-152.7:1.) Using any electronic medium negatively in a way intended to harm or frighten is online harassment, and is not permitted. You have a right to be free from harassment. No person has a right to frighten, harm, flame, harass, denigrate, impersonate, out, trick, exclude, or stalk another person (list generated from “Cyberbullying and School Policy” from the Virginia Department of Education Office of Educational Technology). If you or someone you know is impacted by online harassment, try to save, screenshot, or copy-paste the offending material, if you can. Whether or not you have examples or know the offender, contact your Assistant Principal. Yorktown is committed to the positive use of technology for learning, and keeping every person safe online.