Science Fair 2016

All students originally registered for the Science Fair should have received an email from Ms. Laurie Vena, organizer of the fair, explaining the situation and this digital participation opportunity. Here is that information, which was sent on Thursday, January 28, 2016.

Thank you so much for your continued patience over the last week.  The weather was as expected, but its outcome was certainly not welcome.

Given this turn of events, the YHS Science Department, in conjunction with the Administration in the building and  at the Education Center, has decided to go ahead with a Virtual Science Fair.  This fair will now involve your production of a short video (5-7 minutes) about your project.  This can be done in simple video form (if your board is already complete) or you may choose to produce a Google Slides presentation.

This production will then be sent to a central folder with the fair director by Monday afternoon, and then sent to judges to watch the presentations and judge them with the same criteria as originally used in our regular Science Fair.  Judges will be finished with their assessment by Thursday afternoon, and our list of Regional Fair participants submitted on time to the Science Office.

Tonight, your first job is to discuss staying in the Virtual Fair at home with family.  There are some of you who may feel very behind because of the snow and inability to used class time for preparation.  We understand.  Therefore, we are staffing several rooms on Saturday and Monday (a schedule which will be provided to you tomorrow) so that you can seek assistance with presentation boards, videos or whatever other support you may need.  We can help, and we are here to do so.

After you have made your decision, navigate to the Google Form below and indicate your participation in the Virtual Fair or not, and have a parent sign the digital permission slip.  This MUST be done in order to proceed with the Virtual Fair.

If you or your parents have any concerns about the process which we have loosely described above, please do not hesitate to contact Laurie Vena, the Fair Director, at

We realize that this is very different that then original Science Fair that you signed up for!  But with the circumstances around the weather, we feel that this is the best way to get an unbiased assessment of your projects in preparation for choosing students to advance to the Regional Fair.

By the end of the day tomorrow, explicit instructions will be linked to the main YHS webpage, and you can begin to upload presentations.

Together, we can make this crazy turn of events still work out to show off your amazing science skills!

The Yorktown Science Department

Students who wish to participate in the Virtual Science Fair, being held in lieu of the cancelled regular Science Fair, must obtain parent/guardian consent to submit their materials online. To do this, students will either need to log their parent/guardian into their Google Accounts to use the form below, or provide their user name and password to their parent/guardian. (This is the Arlington Public Schools standard way of granting parents access to Google resources.)
Click here to access the Virtual Science Fair Release & Consent form.