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Theatre Arts

Theatre Arts I, II, III, IV, and Technical Theatre I, II, III are full year, one credit courses. In Technical Theatre, students gain experience in designing, building and producing. Students build sets during class and 1-2 days after school.

There are two Theatre Arts productions per year.

  • The Fall show is an in-class production which provides students from the Theatre Arts II & III/IV classes experience in performing. Rehearsals are held during class and 2-3 days per week after school. Classroom instruction develops concepts of the production.
  • The Spring show is an extracurricular production open to all Yorktown students by audition. Auditions are held 2-3 months prior to the show. Rehearsals are held every day after school for as many as eight weeks, depending on the show being produced.

The technical aspects for both shows are provided by the Technical Theatre class.

All productions are financed primarily by ticket sales. Parents are invited to attend and are occasionally needed to help out.

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Faculty Sponsor: Alani Kravitz