Student Government Association

The purpose of the Student Government Association (SGA) is to support and promote all policies relating to student life and to encourage unity and cohesion by coordinating school activities.  The SGA collaborates with students, faculty and administration.

The Executive Board is made up of four elected members from the student body at large.  The student with the most votes is elected as the SGA President. Additionally, the Vice-Presidents from the individual classes are members of the Executive Board. Elections are held in April. Students interested in running for an executive board position must collect 25 signatures on a petition for their names to be placed on the ballot, and they must adhere to the guidelines set forth on the campaign information sheet.

In the Fall, a representative from each of the 3rd period classes is elected to the 3rd Period Assembly.  The Assembly plans events for the year and provides communication between the SGA and the student body. At the first meeting of the 3rd Period Assembly in September, a Chairman of the Assembly and a Secretary of the Assembly are elected, and these individuals join the Executive Board.

The SGA sponsors the Homecoming Float Competition and Parade, Homecoming BBQ, Homecoming Dance, Spirit Weeks, Blood Drives, Holiday Drives, Spring Fair and Ice Cream Social, and other events and activities. Occasionally, parent chaperones are needed for SGA events. Parent volunteers must complete the APS School Division Volunteer Application prior to service.

Faculty Sponsor: Stephanie Meadows