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Academic Planning; From the Classroom to Career, learn how APS is preparing students for life after high school.Aspire2Excellence is the academic planning initiative designed to provide families with information as they are planning for their child’s future in APS. Aspire2Excellence underscores the importance of every student taking rigorous courses and meeting rigorous graduation requirements in order to be ready for life after high school.We believe that in order for all APS students to be college and career ready upon graduation, students and families need to begin planning as early as elementary school and should know the following:

  • Academic options available throughout APS
  • Importance of taking advanced courses in middle and high school
  • Math course pathways
  • World language options
  • Difference between the standard and advanced diploma

We have developed a variety of resources to assist you as you explore educational and career options best suited for your child. For more information on academic planning, contact your child’s school counselor.Learn more in our Frequently Asked Questions