Counseling Forms

  • 11th Grade College Planning Checklist– Month by month checklist to prepare for the college admissions process.
  • APS Academic Planning Map – Academic planning maps and other resources.
  • Parent Brag-Sheet – Parents are strongly encouraged to fill out and return this form to their student’s counselor. Doing so assists the counselor in writing a stronger recommendation letter with a more personalized tone. You will need to print this form and return it to your student’s counselor before recommendations are requested.
  • Student Brag Sheet -Yorktown students are required to fill out and turn in this form to their counselor to receive a recommendation letter. Information will assist in updating your extracurricular activities, interests, and career goals to complete your college application. You need to print this form and turn it in to your counselor.
  • YHS Teacher Brag Sheet– Use this form after speaking directly to the teacher who has agreed to write your recommendation, then add teacher request into your Naviance Account.
  • Transcript Requests: Transcript are FREE for current students.  Former students can obtain their transcript through Parchment for a small fee.

Digital: Students can use this process if they have an active Naviance. Accounts are provided by the counselor.