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Applying to College

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Applying to College at Yorktown High School

All counseling forms and Insight sheets: https://yhs.apsva.us/counseling/counseling-forms/


June 15 is the deadline to submit SAT/ACT drop transcript forms, drop middle school courses and credits forms and Insight Student and Parent Insight forms email to counselors.

  1. Research colleges  (https://tinyurl.com/YHS-Research-Tools) and review Naviance Scattergrams to determine your best fit.
  2. After August 1st, set up a Common App account for the college school year,  including the FERPA waiver.
  3. Add colleges to “Colleges I am Applying to” in Naviance and how you are applying, Common App or Directly to college (Coalition is also directly to colleges). In Naviance, after August 1st, and when you have at least once Common App School listed, at the top of the section of “College I’m Applying to” match your Common App to Naviance.
  4. Student completes FERPA waiver sync form on Naviance, in the Colleges I Am Applying To section.  Waiving rights is recommended.
  5. Submit the Student Insight and Parent Insight forms if a counselor letter or recommendation is needed.
  6. Send Counselor Recommendation Request to counselor–this form will be available in August.
  7. Request transcripts, by using the transcript request form in the counseling office. If a recommendation is needed, numbers 3. and 4. above, are needed before requesting a transcript.
  8. Email or discuss directly with your teacher (please limit recommendation request to 2 teachers), if the teacher is willing to write a teacher letter of recommendation for your college applications. Provide the Classroom Insight form to teacher, officially request in Naviance > College > Apply to College >

General College Application Information

Student establishes one email address and password for all college, Common Application, Coalition Application and Naviance Student accounts (a Common Application account is needed for Naviance electronic transmissions).

Student completes FERPA waiver form on Naviance, in the Colleges I Am Applying To section.  Waiving rights is recommended.

Student submits the following electronically directly to college by application due date:

  • Application
  • Essays/Personal statements
  • Activities Sheet/Resumé (optional).  Use Naviance’s resumé tool or ResuméLab
  • Portfolio of special talents/skills such as photos, art, recorded music (following instructions given by specific colleges)

We recommend that student speaks in advance to counselor, teacher, coach, job supervisor in person about writing a letter of recommendation, if one is required.  Counselor and/or teacher may ask for a completed Insight sheets before they will begin writing.

Student confirms request for Teacher Letter of Recommendation on Naviance by completing and sending request alert at least three weeks prior to application due date as well as providing teacher with electronic or hard copy list of the schools to which teacher is sending letters.

Student requests for Counselor Letter of Recommendation in a google form at least three weeks prior to application due date.

Student can add non-APS Staff to their Coalition App account, Common APP (other recommenders) account or College’s own application.

Student uses College Board or ACT website to order college entrance exam score reports for each college application.

Counselor submits the following electronically in Naviance by application due date:

  • Official transcript (once requested by student)
  • Secondary report (if needed)
  • Letter of recommendation (if needed and requested by student))

Teacher submits the following electronically on Naviance by application due date:

  • Letter of recommendation (if needed and requested by student))
  • Teacher report form (for Common Application)