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Employment Certificates (Work Permits): District of Columbia

While minors as young as 14 are able to work in the District of Columbia, all teens under the age of 18 must obtain a work permit (also called an employment certificate) prior to doing so. Obtaining a work permit/employment certificate is straightforward and should not present an obstacle for minors seeking to work before they reach adulthood. To obtain a work permit, minors should do the following:

  1. The minor will obtain a District of Columbia Public Schools Office of Youth Engagement Official Work Permit and Child Labor Application.
  2. The minor must then find an employer who is willing to hire them for a job.
  3. One the minor has found an employer interested in hiring them, they will have the employer complete Section C of the Work Permit and Child Labor Application. Section C asks for information on the type of work the minor will be doing, as well as what industry the work is in. The form also asks for the hours the minor will work each day as well as the total for the week. The employer will then sign Section C. The employer should also supply the minor with a letter on their letterhead stating their intention to employ them minor.
  4. If the minor is under the age of 16, they may have to provide a certificate of physical fitness signed by a licensed physician.
  5. The minor’s parent or guardian will complete and sign Section B, which requests that the work permit/employment certificate be issued to the minor.
  6. The minor will bring the completed application to an issuing officer. An issuing officer is typically available at the minor’s high school. The minor will also want to bring a copy of their birth certificate and social security card.
  7. The issuing officer will confirm the age of the minor, review the documents and if everything is in order, issue the work permit/employment certificate.
  8. The work permit/employment certificate will be delivered or mailed to the employer.

Information provided by https://www.jobsforteenshq.com/work-permit/how-to-get-a-work-permit-in-district-of-columbia/

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