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Caps & Gowns


Orders for caps & gowns will take place at the Senior meeting on Thursday, October 19, 2023

You must have a Cap & Gown to participate in the graduation ceremony. If you miss this event, please visit the student activities office prior to December 15 to place your order. The cost of the gown is included in your Senior Dues, so there is no payment necessary at this time to place your order.

Toga y Birrete, Gestión para la Graduación — Para graduarse y participar en la ceremonia de graduación usted debe tener su Toga y Birrete. Si todavía no ha ordenado, por favor debe hacerlo contactándose inmediatamente con nosotros, el costo ya está cubierto en los gastos de los Seniors, lo único que necesitamos saber es su estatura y peso para ordenar la medida correcta.

Questions? Contact Cheryl Stotler

Receiving and Preparing Caps & Gowns

Seniors will receive Caps & Gowns at graduation rehearsal held at school on graduation day. As soon as you receive your gown, check the size and see Ms. Stotler before you leave if there is an issue.

At home, hang up the gown to let the wrinkles fall out. If you must iron your gown, use the spray button on your iron to dampen the fabric and iron on low or medium heat. Use of an ironing/pressing cloth is recommended to prevent scorching.

Wearing Your Gown

Graduation is a formal affair and as such appropriate dress for a special occasion should be worn under your gown. Shoes with low heels are recommended as there will be stairs to ascend and descend to and from the stage.

Cap & Gown Withholding

Your Cap & Gown may be withheld if you have any outstanding obligations to the school or need to register for summer school. Be sure that your Senior Class dues has been paid, as well as any school financial obligations incurred during your years at Yorktown (i.e. lost laptop, charging cable, books, calculator, team uniforms, etc.).  After April 30, ONLY cash or certified checks will be accepted. Notifications of outstanding obligations are mailed home and a list will be posted in the Activities Office. If all obligations have NOT been cleared up, you will NOT be issued your Cap & Gown nor any guest tickets to Graduation, and you may not participate in the Graduation ceremony.

If you have questions about the withholding, please contact the Finance Officer, Ms. Ashby, in person (Main Office), by phone at 703-228-5407, or by email at Sabrina.Ashby@apsva.us.