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Lunch Off Campus

Senior and Parent/Guardian:

Please take a moment to read the following information regarding off-campus rights and responsibilities.  The staff at Yorktown will supervise the open lunch program approved by the Arlington County School Board.  It is important to recognize that the future of this program hinges on the way we implement it at Yorktown.

Seniors who obtain an Off-Campus Lunch Pass may leave the school grounds during their lunch period.  Because the school is responsible for all students’ behavior and activities during the normal school day from the time a student leaves home until returning home after school (including extracurricular activities), please review the following Code of Conduct before filling out the application at the bottom of the page.

  1. A photo ID or appropriate ID (StudentVue) is required for Seniors to go off campus at lunchtime.
  2. Seniors will return to campus early enough to ensure that they are not tardy to their next scheduled class.
  3. Proper conduct and respect for private property, both in the immediate school neighborhood and the adjacent community, are necessary.
  4. Seniors may not take underclass students off campus at lunchtime.
  5. Seniors may not bring back food for non-12th grade students.

Failure to observe the above Code of Conduct may result in the revocation of this Senior privilege.  If the student continues to go off campus, disciplinary action will be considered.

To obtain this privilege, Seniors and their parent/guardian must complete the permission form accessible via the QR Code. SR Off-Campus Lunch Form