eBooks and eAudio

Yorktown Library is available 24/7! Search eBooks & eAudio via Destiny Discover or MackinVIA.
To login, use your APS user ID and password.


Use Destiny Discover to:

  • Find & read eBooks
  • Listen to eAudiobooks
  • Destiny Reads app allows you to read/listen to your books on your phone once you’ve checked them out in Discover.
mackinvia logo

Use MackinVIA to:

  • Find & read eBooks
  • Listen to eAudiobooks
  • MackinVIA app allows you to both search for titles and read/listen from your phone.


How to use Destiny Discover:

1)   Click above or visit gofollett.com

2)   Use the location drop-down menu to select Virginia

3)   In the Schools in Virginia search bar, type: Yorktown High School, Arlington, VA

4)   Your Username & Password is your APS number and password

5)   Add Destiny Discover to your home screen!

If you have trouble accessing any of these resources, please contact us in the library for assistance.