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Yorktown High School Laptop Collection Information

Arlington Public Schools has provided you with technological resources to support your learning inside and outside the classroom while enrolled in the district. As we approach the end of the school-year, seniors and withdrawing students are required to turn in any technological device (MacBook Air and charger, wireless hotspot, etc.) that was loaned to you while enrolled in Arlington Public Schools. Please read the information below carefully.

Preparing Your MacBook for Turn-In

Save all of your files and work to an external device, such as a flash drive. Save everything that is saved directly on your computer, everything in your Google Drive, everything saved in OneDrive (Office 365), and on any Arlington Public Schools network drive. Once you have saved your work, sign out of iCloud if you are signed in. You may find the two links helpful as you save your files.

A few other items to keep in mind:

  • Remove any exterior cases or stickers that have been added to the device.
  • Clean the entire laptop. A wrung-out disinfectant wipe works well.

Laptop Turn-In

All seniors and withdrawing underclassmen are required to turn in their working laptops, chargers and all loaned technological resources (charger, hotspots, etc.) in June of the end of the school year.

Students needing to turn in their laptop and charger can schedule a time to drop off here: 
Working Laptops and Chargers can be returned in the LIBRARY on MONDAY JUNE 13th or TUESDAY JUNE 14th from 8am-1pm.

Availability & Times for 2023 SY will be communicated in the Spring of 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Should I return my computer if I’ll be attending summer school?
    • A: Students who are eligible for summer school that are in 12th grade will receive a summer school device to utilize during the summer school window. Students will receive their device when they report to summer school, where they will also receive a Digital Literacy and Acceptable Policy Usage lesson. This allows Information Services to be able to provide the appropriate imaging and still prepare for the upcoming school year without major delays. 
  • Q: Can I turn in my MacBook early?
    • A: If you are attempting to turn in your laptop or technology resources before the end of the school year, please reach out to Mr. Wightman (
  • Q: What if I can’t find my laptop or the charger? What are the fees associated with lost/damaged laptops and lost chargers?
    • A: If you cannot find your laptop or the charger, you may be responsible for the cost. Please visit this site for a list of charges related to school-issued MacBooks, and email Mr. Wightman ( and Ms. Mack, Finance Officer ( 
Last updated: 9/27/2022