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Keeping Your Computer Updated | Student Technical Support

Keeping Your Computer Updated & Well Maintained

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  • To help prepare students for a successful start to the school year, students and families are asked to ensure students have the tools and connectivity that will be needed.  If you currently have an APS issued MacBook Air (MBA) at home, please help our Educational Technology team prepare devices to receive county updates by doing the following once per week until school starts:
    • Plug the laptop into an outlet.
    • Turn the laptop on (or restart it) and let it boot up.
    • Login to ensure it connects to the internet at that location.
    • Launch Google Chrome and visit the YHS website to ensure the internet is connected on the computer.
    • Leave the laptop on and connected to the internet for at least 30 minutes.
    • After 30 minutes, the laptop may be shut down.

    As the school year proceeds, student issued MBAs will receive updates that will include regular security and usability updates that will benefit daily instructional use.

  • To avoid damage or harm to your APS Issued MBA please also:
    • Keep the cord out of open traffic areas.
    • Avoid liquids and food near/while using your MBA.
    • Always place your MBA fully supported on a hard flat surface.
      • Fabric or cushioned surfaces may result in overheating/possible fires
      • If your MBA is fully supported there is less of a chance that it could be knocked into.

Student Technical Support

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All student technical support requests should be submitted to the APS Help Desk via the Yorktown Instructional Technology Coordinator (ITC). This includes all hardware, software, and networking issues, and for all student issued devices and account issues including user names and passwords, Canvas, Google Apps for Education, and StudentVue. To contact the ITC, choose one of the following:

During Virtual Learning in APS (2020-2021 School Year)

  • Complete the adapted version of the Student Technical Support Ticket found here:
    • If you want to have the opportunity to have your laptop looked into please fill out this form completing all the required * fields and including both your personal email and personal cell phone number.  This is necessary so you can be contacted to schedule repairs or replacements.
    • For Question #10 and #12 please explain in detail the issues with your device.
  • If you have questions beyond completing the form, students may also reach out to Mr. Wightman by emailing him at
  • The next step after that you submit the form above is one of our Technicians will reach out to Mr. Wightman when they are ready to repair or exchange the device.  Once the Technician reached out to Mr. Wightman, you will receive an email with directions for where, when, and how to exchange or drop off your laptop for repairs.

During Traditional School Hours

  • Visit the ITC Office in room 286.
  • Go to the Laptop Kiosk Lockers to the left of 286 and underneath a painting of a mermaid and submit a ticket via the Student MacBook Air Tech Support Kiosk.
    • Students should not directly submit tickets via email or phone to the APS Help Desk.
    • If for some reason the iPad with the Student Technical Support Ticket does not work you can also complete the form here:
  • Students may also reach out to Mr. Wightman by emailing him at
  • Students may also schedule a meeting with Mr. Wightman via Calendly: