Access to StudentVUE

StudentVUE is an app for mobile devices that will allow you to stay connected to Synergy, the student information system for Arlington, including grade information. StudentVUE is not the same as ParentVUE. They may look and act the same, but they are not. Students should use StudentVUE.

Access through MyAccess (Rapididentity)

StudentVUE is accessed through MyAccess ( Here is how:


For more information about student passwords see Student Accounts & Passwords.

  • If the MyAccess password you chose when you reset your password was less than 10 characters long, you will not be able to access StudentVUE. If you selected a password that was too short, follow the directions to reset your password again, and choose a proper-length password as directed.

Problems Logging In

  • If you cannot log in to StudentVUE, take careful note of the error. If your error says “invalid user name or password,” click on “Student Accounts & Passwords” to the left and follow the directions to reset your MyAccess password.
  • If your error says that your account has been locked, contact Mr. Wightman at, and tell him your complete name as it appears in student records, your student ID number, and be sure to specify that you have a locked StudentVUEe account. This needs to be fixed by our central office, and can take some time.

Access on your Mobile Device

When installing either StudentVUE app, you will be prompted for a District URL or Domain. The Arlington District URL for StudentVUE is

Download StudentVUE for IOS (Apple) devices at the App Store.
(Click here)Or, scan this QR code:
Download StudentVUE for Android devices at Google Play.
(Click here)Or, scan this QR code:

Other Information

If you have questions about StudentVUE, you can ask the Instructional Technology Coordinator, Mr. Wightman, by emailing

Yorktown High School does not have any control over StudentVue or Synergy; those systems are managed centrally by the Department of Information Services at the Arlington Education Center.