Student Accounts and Passwords

Student Passwords

The following information is for YHS Students Only.
Staff needing help resetting their passwords should go here.

What is OneLogin?

  • OneLogin is a “single sign-on system” through which users enter one user name and password to gain access to many different resources. It was introduced by APS in 2014, and is managed centrally by the Department of Information Services. It provides access to StudentVue*, the APS wireless network, your APS-provided network drives (H:, S:, and Z:), GoogleAPS (the APS instance of Google Apps for Education, including Google Drive and Google Classroom), Canvas and other tools.
  • As time goes on, APS will integrate as many tools as possible under the “OneLogin” umbrella, in an effort to simplify users’ experiences accessing technology tools.
  • OneLogin does not currently include Naviance, or the Personalized Digital Learning MacBook Airs, which use separate passwords.
  • OneLogin is sometimes referred to as “Access@APS.”
  • *Please note that StudentVue and ParentVue are not the same thing. Students do not have access to ParentVue; Students use StudentVue. ParentVue is unaffected by a student’s OneLogin password.

What is my user name?

  • Your OneLogin user name is your Student Identification Number. Do not include “” when logging in to OneLogin.
  • You will use your Student ID # (eg: only when logging into Google Apps for Education or Microsoft 365.

How do I get or reset my OneLogin password?

  • All new students must reset their passwords once. There is no default password.
  • Students can go to any of the following locations to reset their passwords:
    • Library (Room 140)
    • English Office (Ms. Mackaye) (Room 246)
    • Counseling (Ms. Falbo and Ms. Rojas) (Room 108)
    • Instructional Technology Office (Room 286)
  • You will be able to choose your own password. It is critical that your password is at least 10 characters long.

I am a new student. How do I get my password?

  • There is no default password. Upon coming to Yorktown, all students must reset their passwords the first time. (The old system of birthdate-based passwords was discontinued in 2014.)
  • Follow the above described procedure to reset your password to gain initial access to your accounts. Please note that your account may not appear in the database for a full school day after your account is created. If the person you speak with says you are not in the database, simply return the next day and try again.
  • If after two attempts, you still do not have an account, please contact the ITC in Room 286.