Google Accounts

APS Google Apps for Education

All students, upon enrollment, are automatically granted a Google account through the APS Google Apps for Education program. Students may log into their Google accounts through any authorized Google portal or log-in using their OneLogin credentials, formatted like an email address:

User Name:
Password: your OneLogin password

For example, if your student ID number is 123456, your Google user name is

Graduating, Transferring, and Unenrolling Students

Students who leave APS for any reason will have their accounts automatically disabled. Prior to departing, students should use a service called Google Takeout to download any and all materials from their APS-issued Google accounts, which can then be uploaded into a new, private Google account that those students create independently.

Google Takeout is located at

Former students who would like to request temporary access to their already-disabled accounts should submit a Help Desk ticket request at Include your complete name as it appeared during your enrollment at Yorktown, your student ID number, your grade level at the time of departure, and specifically indicate you wish to regain access to your Google account.

Yorktown personnel have absolutely no access to this system, and cannot assist you directly.