MacBook Starting Page

MacBook Air (Model A1465) 11.6″

Your MacBook Air (MBA) features the following connections. Note that the terms “Thunderbolt” and “MiniDisplayPort” are sometimes used interchangeably.

Picture of MBA Ports

You connect your MacBook to the teaching wall using two connections:

One is a bundled into one “USB Hub,” which looks a bit like a squid, . The squid connects your SmartBoard or your BrightLink, your USB speakers (if you have them), your document camera (if you have one), and your internet connection (through a USB-to-Ethernet adapter). Plug the squid into either of the two USB ports on your MacBook Air.

USB Hub (“Squid”) Typical USB connection, like that for the SmartBoard (May be black or gray) USB-to-Ethernet Adapter (May be white or black)
Picture of USB Hub Picture of USB Connection Picture of USB-to-Ethernet Adapter

The other is a VGA cable, which connects to your projector. On the MacBook Air, you must use your Thunderbolt-to-VGA Adapter, called a “dongle,” to use this connection. Plug the dongle into your MacBook air, then plug the VGA cable into the dongle.

Thunderbolt-to-VGA Adapter (included with your MacBook Air) Typical male VGA cable (May be black or gray)
Picture of Thunderbolt Picture of Male VGA Connection