MacBook Air Support

This information only pertains to Yorktown High School.

Students and families who are unable to resolve technical issues, or whose MacBook Airs malfunction or are broken, may need to have an APS computer support technician examine the device.

  1. Bring the MacBook to the Yorktown Library.
  2. Locate the Technical Support Locker, to the left once you enter the Library.
  3. Read and follow the directions there carefully.
    1. Fill out the Technical Support Request form. (Available at the desk, or click here to view in GoogleAPS.)
    2. Mark the locker number you will use on the form.
    3. Open the empty locker, and place the MacBook inside.
    4. Follow the directions to secure the locker.
    5. Email to notify Technical Support that you have dropped off your MacBook Air. If you do not email Technical Support, they will not know to pick up your computer.
  4. Ensure the locker is secure before leaving.

It is very important that you fill out the form completely, so that your device can be returned to you after it is repaired.

Someone from Information Services or from Yorktown High School will contact you within three (3) school days.