April Club Corner: International Club

International Club

Sponsor/s: Mrs. Christina Smith
Officers: Co-Presidents: Yiming Chen & Denisa Hendriyadi
Mission, Focus, Purpose: Our objective is to embrace diversity within Yorktown by providing a setting for all students to gather and express themselves. Together, we engage in different activities to extend our knowledge about the world.
Meeting days and time: Tuesdays 3:15-4:30 Room 318
Contact Information: Mrs. Smith (christina.gajadhar@apsva.us);
Denisa (dsafadilla@gmail.com);
Yiming (yiming.chen699@gmail.com)
Current/Past Events: Kindness Rocks Project (Painting inspirational quotes and pictures on rocks to promote kindness in our school community) – ASPAN food packing for the homeless – Writing appreciation cards for our custodians during the holidays – Giving out bags of chocolates for Teachers’ Day – Continent project (Monthly showcase the cultures of different continents in the leadership center) – Fundraisers – Celebrating holidays of the world – International Night (Annual celebration event filled with cultural performances and world cuisine)