Dillon, Kelly

(703) 228-5368


Master of Arts in Education from Truman State University (2011)

Bachelor of Arts in English from University of Missouri (2008)


This is my fourth year teaching at Yorktown. Previously, I have taught in Saint Louis, Missouri, at Parkway West High School and in Arlington at Williamsburg Middle School and Gunston Middle School. My professional interests include instructional technology, writing instruction, and standards-based assessment. In addition to teaching English, I will also be working with our Writing Center and sponsoring the Yorktown Variety Show. Outside of class, I am a musician and an outdoor enthusiast. This year, due to road closures, Metro chaos, and increased traffic, I will be commuting from D.C. on my bike several days a week.


  1. English 9 Intensified
  2. English 9 Intensified
  3. RISE
  4. Lunch
  5. Planning
  6. Planning
  7. English 9 Intensified
  8. English 9 Intensified

Office Hours

I am generally available to help students during Patriot Period; all three lunch periods; and after school on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Students are welcome to drop in unannounced. However, for best results, please email me to set up an appointment.


  • Rise Wld His II
  • Rise Wld Geog
  • Rise US VA History
  • Rise Reading
  • English 9 Intensified
  • Rise Writing