Greg Rusk

Yorktown courses: AP Computer Science Principles, AP Computer Science A, Introduction to Computer Science, Computer Science Independent Study


George Mason University Master of Education, George Mason University
University of Maryland College Park Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, with minor in Computational Linguistics, University of Maryland College Park


Greg RuskBefore becoming a teacher in 2009, I spent 16 years in the technology industry. I began my career as a software engineer and through experience, became a well-regarded enterprise architect for large and small projects. I’ve worked in large companies, small companies, and startup companies in several technology domains: aircraft mission control, satellite operations, human language processing, retail sales automation, intelligence operations and research, intelligent networks, collaboration tools, embedded systems, and environmental conservation. While having a successful technology career, I was looking for deeper ways to help others: teaching. The first 9 years of my teaching career were spent in Arlington Public Schools with Arlington Science Focus School (4th and 5th grade) and Discovery Elementary (technology coordinator, 5th grade, and computer science). I am ecstatic about my switch to secondary education at Yorktown, helping students launch into their adult lives. Outside of school, I enjoy urban agriculture with native and hydroponic gardening, digital photography (, bicycling, playing mandolin, helping my community association, exploring technologies for sustainable practices, and living in awe of our natural world.

Schedule (2019-2020)

  1. AP Computer Science Principles
  2. Introduction to Computer Science
  3. AP Computer Science Principles
  4. AP Computer Science Principles
  5. Lunch
  6. Planning
  7. AP Computer Science A
  8. Independent Study

Office Hours

I am generally available to help students during Patriot Period; 5th and 6th lunch periods; and after school on most days. While you’re welcome to drop in, it would be best to email me to confirm that I will be available.


Published December 31, 69 5:00PM