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Yorktown Choral Department!quarter and eighth notes

Welcome to the Choral Department Website.  Please use the links to the right for important information for the 2018-2019 school year!

Office Hours:

I am at Yorktown High School every morning, periods 1 and 2.  I teach at Abingdon Elementary in the afternoons.  Best time to find me is before school or between 10:00-10:30 in choral room 188 or office 173.

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Chamber Choir: Consisting of 10th-12th grade women and 9th-12th grade men. The Chamber Choir is a mixed performing choir that performs a wide variety of choral literature. Students must have singing experience, be able to read music, and be dedicated to learning and performing choral music.

Treble Choir: Consisting of 9th-10th grade women. The Treble Choir performs a wide variety of choral literature. Students should have some prior singing experience but it is not required. Students must be dedicated to learning how to read and performing our choral repertoire.

Yorktown A Cappella: Consisting of students from all grade levels. The A cappella group is an auditioned choir and performs mainly popular a cappella arrangements. Rehearsals are 1 day after school, chosen by the students, and run mainly by the students with the guidance of Mrs. Mullins. The A cappella group is currently considered a club, meaning performances are not required but highly requested that you only audition with the intent of making ALL performances. Yorktown A cappella is its best when ALL are present. Auditions will be in October. Watch the dallies for more information.




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