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Welcome to Chemistry!  Get ready to have an exciting and challenging year,while we take a deeper look into what “stuff” is made of, and how that “stuff” interacts with each other.  Parents, please take a look at what is available for students at the site, and please contact me at the number or email below (email is preferred) if you have any questions.

Laurie Vena
703-228-5378 (science office)       703-228-5400 (main office)



All classes are now supported with calendars and documentation through Google Classroom this year.  Check with your student or teacher to get connected to the daily happenings, homework, labs and tests!                                                                                                                                                                      

Some helpful reprints for you . . .

1. Did you lose or destroy your own Periodic Table?  Click here and download a full version (for printing).

2. Lose your Naming Compounds Flowchart?  Download a new one right here (for printing).

3.  Want your own copy of the Electronegativity Table?  Click here and get one!



ReallyCool Chemistry Links

These are just a few—please email me with a cool link if you think others would be interested!

Food andScienceCombined–Some Project Ideas here!

Exploratorium:TenCool Sites on Chemistry

Nuclear Power PlantDemonstration


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