Minority Leaders United

Yorktown’s Minority Leaders United promotes academic and social responsibility, focusing on African American and Hispanic males. MLU encourages integrity, resilience, respect, and hard work among its members.
MLU holds quarterly meetings during the school day on a rotating basis. Meetings are planned and led by the MLU Board Members. Meetings take a variety of forms, including (but not limited to) motivational speakers, information about academic advancement, alumni panels, and team-building activities.

Want to become a member?

All African American and Hispanic males at Yorktown, and others who are interested, are invited to become members of MLU.

YHS Minority Leaders United

MLU Application Due Monday 9/24/18
If you meet the requirements below, you should have received an invitation to apply for Minority Leaders United. If you feel you have strong leadership ability but do meet the GPA requirement, you can still apply and we will consider your application.
African American and Hispanic young men in 10th, 11th and 12th grades, or others who were involved in MLU last year, with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher are invited in the fall to apply to be an MLU Board Member.  MLU Board Members are the leaders of MLU; they set an example of academic and social responsibility, plan meetings, create the vision for the group, and work with younger students to encourage and help them to achieve their best. As a sign of accomplishment and leadership, Minority Leaders United Board Members are given a tie to wear on the days of the monthly meetings.


MLU, along with Sister Circle and Latinas Leading Tomorrow, is part of the umbrella group, Minority Student Achievement Network.  MSAN “is a national coalition of school districts that have come together to study achievement gaps that exist between students of color and their white peers” (from the Minority Student Achievement Network website, In 1999, Arlington Public Schools was a founding member of MSAN and is now one of twenty-three districts from across the United States that participates in MSAN.

Want more information about MLU?

The YHS MLU Advisors are: Shari Benites, Rachel Sadauskas, Tracy Maguire, Thor Young, Juan Peredo, Evan Glasier, Brannon Burnett, Anne Stewart, and Danilo Loor. Contact any of these staff members or email Shari Benites at




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