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Homeless Meals (A-SPAN) Overview

As in previous years, Yorktown is participating in the Homeless Bag Meal Program. This program is coordinated through the Arlington Street People’s Assistance Network (A-SPAN). A-SPAN is a nonprofit community based organization, which works with and on behalf of homeless people to secure the support and services necessary for them to lead self-sufficient and healthy lives. A-SPAN runs an emergency winter shelter; assists homeless people in becoming employable; and provides 50-60 meals to homeless people every night, at two locations in Arlington (on Quincy Street at the Central Library and in Rosslyn near the Metro).

Yorktown has committed to providing meals on the first Friday of every month. To accomplish this, we need approximately 7 – 9 volunteers for each Friday. One or two people buy food and supplies and bring them to the cafeteria at 2:15 on Friday (you will be reimbursed for the cost of the food). One or two people prepare desserts and bring those to the cafeteria at 2:15. Three or four people meet in the cafeteria at 2:15 and pack the lunches – it usually takes about an hour. One person collects the food from the cafeteria and takes it to the Central Library on Quincy Street – someone else will actually deliver the food to the homeless people. You can sign up for just one month if you want – you are not committed to every Friday.

In addition, if you are interested in contributing money to buy food and supplies, we would greatly appreciate a contribution. If you are interested in more information about A-SPAN, please call them at 703.820.4357, or send e-mail to info@a-span.org.

Volunteering Information


You are buying enough for 50 lunches, including 100 sandwiches. You need to buy:

  • 50 brown paper lunch bags
  • 50 drinks (we can’t keep things cold)
  • at least 200 slices of bread, pita pockets, rolls, etc. – we try not to use the heels so plan on a few extra slices if you buy sandwich loaves
  • cold cuts, egg salad, peanut butter and jelly, tuna salad – cold cuts are the easiest but variety is greatly appreciated
  • 50 pieces of fruit – some is usually bruised so buy a bit extra – or we can use boxes of raisins, small cans of fruit or applesauce (and spoons), trail mix
  • extra items like potato chips, carrot sticks, celery sticks, crackers, etc.

Plan on spending between $50 and $80 or so, depending on what you buy. See the YHS Treasurer beforehand to get the school’s tax-free ID number and to get the form so you can be reimbursed.


You need to make 50 desserts. They can be bought or homemade or a combination of the two. It’s nice if you make brownies or cookies if they are wrapped in plastic wrap. If you include several small items, it would be greatly appreciated by the sandwich people if you put the items together in sandwich bags.


You are making 100 sandwiches and packing 50 lunch bags. Sandwiches should be individually packed in sandwich bags, and everything packed in the brown paper bags. Fold the tops over and put the bags in cardboard boxes or paper bags so that whoever delivers them can load them easily.


Arrange to pick up the food and deliver it to the A-SPAN volunteers at the library before 6:00.