Order a Yearbook

Orders for the 2022-2023 Yearbook, Патриот, are open! To purchase a yearbook through Herff Jones, please go to the following website: www.yearbookordercenter.com – You can then search by “Yorktown High School” or input our school order/job #: 21803 Be sure to scroll through all the options to choose the yearbook and customization that works best for you and your student.

Order a Senior Ad

In addition to ordering a yearbook, senior ads can also be purchased and designed. If you are considering purchasing a senior ad for your student this year, it is recommended you do it sooner rather than later as we have limited ad space in the yearbook. Once available ad space is gone, we will not be able to accept any other senior ads. To purchase a senior ad, go to the website above and search for Yorktown.  You then can select the “Start Your Ad” button to choose the size of the ad you wish to purchase and design your ad through Herff Jones. Once it has been purchased, it is sent directly to our editing staff and we place it in the book.

If you prefer to pay in person, make checks payable to Yorktown High School and write the student’s name and “Yearbook” on the memo line at the bottom of the check. Bring cash or check payments to the Main Office of Yorktown and leave it for Yearbook Advisor, Mr. Troy Olsen.

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