Clothing Guidelines

By necessity, appropriate school dress is the responsibility of each student and his/her parents or guardians.

  • Clothing that exposes too much skin, cleavage or undergarments, is not permitted. Specifically, tops that do not fully cover the chest, midriff, back and undergarments are simply not appropriate for school.
  • Extremely short skirts and shorts are not appropriate for school.
  • Any clothing that could be considered disruptive or obscene or that promotes the use of tobacco, alcohol, other drugs, or gang involvement is not permitted.
  • Head coverings, including hats and caps, may not be worn in the school building, unless for religious purposes. Bandanas are not allowed at any time.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Sunglasses must be removed upon entering the building.

All members of the school community have a responsibility to all other students and staff to follow these guidelines. If a student is dressed inappropriately, he or she will be asked if they have acceptable clothing to wear in their locker. A student’s parent and/or guardian may be contacted and the student will be sent home to change into appropriate clothing for school. Repeated offenses will also result in disciplinary action.