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Conduct & Discipline

Respectful Behavior at School

Orderly, respectful behavior is expected at all times. It is important for all to be respectful of school property and others and expect the same in return. Behavior such as shouting, horseplay and running through the halls can be unsafe and disturbing to people nearby. With over 2200 of us here, the school needs some calm to operate effectively.

Keep in mind that the school is a workplace for all. The optimal times for students to visit offices are during Patriot Period, personal lunch period, and before or after school. During class time, students should be in class, while the staff uses this time to carry out school business. When visiting an office, announcing yourself by saying “Hello” or “Excuse me,” or knocking before you enter, gives the person you are visiting a chance to redirect their attention from what they are doing to you. If the person is on the phone or talking to another, students should wait at a respectable distance until the conversation is over, or leave and come back after several minutes. When available, school staff will show the same respect in assisting students visitors.

In all things, using courteous words, such as, please, thank you, and you are welcome, demonstrates respect and good will. The better your interpersonal communication skills, the more pleasant and productive your interactions will be.

Students are expected to have consideration for the preservation of school grounds. Skateboarding on school property is prohibited. The playing of music, games, and other such entertainment on personal devices in the classroom is prohibited. Cell phones must be turned off during class time unless directed by the teacher to use them for class.

Smoking, Vaping and Tobacco

Students in all grades shall neither smoke, vape or use tobacco products on school property at any time. Violations will result in suspension from school.

Automobiles and Parking

Students are encouraged not to drive to school as parking is very limited. A limited number of parking spaces is available for a fee to Senior students with approved applications.   Applications for these spaces are available in August. If the number of applications exceeds the number of parking spaces, a lottery will be held, with decals awarded to the winning students. Once payment is received, students may use the decals to park in the designated student lots through Memorial Day.

Cars parked in unauthorized areas may be ticketed or towed at the owner’s expense. Any senior who transports any underclassman off school property during school hours, including lunch, without proper authorization, will be subject to the disciplinary penalties that the underclassmen have for being off campus.

Leaving School Grounds

Freshmen, sophomores and juniors may not leave the Yorktown campus during the school day. Seniors may go off campus during their lunch period if they have their parent’s or guardian’s permission and a school-issued ID. Failure to observe off-campus conduct regulations as outlined in the Off-Campus Permission Form may result in the revocation of this privilege, reassignment, and appropriate disciplinary measures.


Consequences for misbehavior may result in the denial of privileges, referral to an Assistant Principal for conference, In-school Alternative (ISA), suspension, expulsion, or referral to law enforcement authorities. Any student receiving ISA or suspension will not be permitted to participate in extra-curricular activities. Incidents requiring immediate suspension and referral to law enforcement authorities include: the sale, possession, or use of controlled substances; assaulting a student or a member of the school staff; setting fires on school property; sounding false fire alarms; telephoning or e-mailing bomb threats; inappropriate use of technology; other activities which involve violations of the law. Students should refer to the Arlington Public Schools publication “Students Rights & Policy” for further information.

State Truancy and Compulsory Attendance Requirements

After a student has been absent for five days in the school year without indication of parental awareness and support of such absence, the Commonwealth of Virginia requires that action be taken. The Principal or his or her designee must make a reasonable effort to contact the parent and obtain an explanation for the student’s nonattendance. Continued nonattendance may result in court action.


APS Code of Conduct