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Driver Education

Learner’s Permit Requirements

Students must be at least 15 years and 6 months old to be issued a learner’s permit.

Students have to go to the DMV and take and pass the written test. To study for the test, visit the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles Driver’s Manual page. You can download a pdf version, access the manual in Spanish, listen to the manual or use an interactive online version.

Students will have to hold the learner’s permit for a minimum of 9 months before becoming eligible for a temporary driver’s license (TDL-180).

Driver’s License (TDL-180) Requirements

People under the age of 19 years will have to pass a state-approved Driver’s Education course and pass a behind-the-wheel course as well.

For our school Driver’s Education course, there is a mandatory parent meeting in order for students to be able to participate in the behind-the-wheel part of the class.

Students must have a 45 hour driving log completed, 15 hours of which must have been after sunset.

Students must take and pass a final road test.

Upon successful completion of the classroom work, the road test, and the 45 hour driving log, students will be eligible to get the TDL-180 and Arlington County will send them a date for their licensing ceremony where they will pick up their actual driver’s license. (Up to that point, the TDL-180 form and their Learner’s Permit will be their license.)