Ethical Behavior

As an academic institution committed to the intellectual, social and emotional education of its students, Yorktown and its surrounding community seek to promote the ideals of ethical and honorable conduct throughout our learning environment. In our ever changing and challenging world, students are faced with the complexities of rapidly evolving technology and the pressure to succeed. We expect that all of our students will agree with the necessity for individuals to be graded solely on what they produce. Honorable and ethical conduct is something that employers demand and colleges enforce with the threat of dismissal. An individual’s conduct should reflect the environment of respect that exists at Yorktown High School. A student should respect a teacher’s expectation that all work done is original. In determining what is meant by original, the following definition is provided as a guideline:

Plagiarism or cheating, copying, and/or forging is using all or part of another person’s work, answers, or name as your own without getting permission and without giving the person full credit for his/her answers or name. Additionally, cheating includes giving answers to others and using outside information of any kind for an assessment.

It is expected that all work completed for classes at Yorktown High School will be original. Students are responsible for completing all assignments and doing their own research.

For exams, students are expected to neither accept nor provide aid in any form to another individual. Violations of these guidelines will result in consequences ranging from the adjustment of grades on assignments to possible in-school alternative discipline and/or out of school suspension.