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Homecoming Dance

Homecoming Dance Rules and Expectations

Students will not be admitted into the dance if they are dressed inappropriately for a school function. Refer to Yorktown’s Clothing Guidelines for appropriate dress. Not only must students arrive in appropriate dress, but their dress must also remain appropriate throughout the dance.

Students who are suspected of being under the influence of any substance will not be allowed into the dance. Students inside the dance who show any signs of being under the influence will be immediately escorted out of the dance. The student’s parents will be referred to the resource officer and an out-of-school suspension will ensue. If the student is part of an athletic team at Yorktown, their coach will be notified and that team member will be suspended from playing for a minimum of two weeks.

The style of dancing at Yorktown dances has become a type of dancing far too inappropriate for school. Teachers, administrators, parents and students all feel that the school can no longer sponsor an event where such dancing occurs. Students who do not maintain an appropriate dance style will be immediately escorted out of the dance. The student’s parents will be called and are expected to pick up their child.

Any type of inappropriate behavior at the dance will constitute ejection from the dance. This behavior includes anything stated above or anything else that is deemed inappropriate for school. Students will not be allowed to enter the dance after 10:00 pm.

Stay Classy Yorktown

  • Respect the School Buildings: Yorktown has a very new facility, so respect the school.
  • No Drugs or Alcohol: Remember it is unlawful and disrespectful to be under the influence of or possess drugs and/or alcohol at anytime, especially at school related functions.
  • Classy Dress: Yorktown is a place of business so remember to wear clothing that is not revealing or degrading. Refer to the Yorktown Dress Code for more details.
  • Classy Language: Use respectful language around your peers and do not use profanity.
  • Limited PDA: No one wants to see excessive PDA. Show respect to the school, your peers, and yourself by keeping it appropriate