Graduation Rehearsal

Graduation rehearsal is mandatory for all seniors. It is held on the morning of Graduation at 9:00 AM in the school auditorium. Please arrive on time so as not to miss any important instructions for the day.

At rehearsal, Seniors receive detailed instructions for the ceremony, including where to enter Constitution Hall, how to line up and process, where to sit, how to approach the stage, and what to do once there.

After receiving instructions, Seniors pick up graduation packages with Cap & Gown, Name Card (needed for the ceremony), and Guest tickets. Seniors may purchase tickets to the Senior Boat Party and receive an event t-shirt.

Remember that Seniors cannot enter Constitution Hall without a Cap & Gown, and won’t get a Cap & Gown unless they attend rehearsal. 

Contact: Cheryl Stotler 703-228-5375