Graduation Tickets

Seating at D.A.R. Constitution Hall is limited. Each graduate will receive six (6) Guest tickets along with his/her Cap & Gown at graduation rehearsal. The graduate’s “ticket” is the Cap & Gown itself.

Every guest who enters Constitution Hall must have a ticket – including infants and children. No one is admitted without a ticket. (Graduation Announcements are not tickets.) Seating is limited, so please let your classmates know if you have any extra tickets that you will not use.

Requests for extra tickets will be taken the first two weeks in May (May 1-14) in the Activities Office and available tickets may be picked up May 15-17. A limit may apply, depending on the total number requested. After that time, you will need to ask your fellow graduates for any tickets that they won’t be using. Lost tickets are not replaceable.

If you will need extra tickets, we highly recommend seeking them from classmates who will not use all six of their tickets.


Cheryl Stotler 703-228-5375
Mary Ann Mahan at 703-228-5389