Senior Experience

Senior Experience is an opportunity during the last three weeks of high school, after the conclusion of Advanced Placement exams, for interested seniors to participate in a unique transitional learning opportunity outside of school. This full-time experience can take more than one form, but it generally will pair a senior with a professional with whom that student will work and/or serve as an intern in the senior’s chosen field of interest (i.e., arts, health care, politics, architecture, marketing, teaching, culinary arts, etc.). The non-paying internship must include a minimum of 24 contact hours in week one and 30 hours in weeks two and three. Students must return to Yorktown in June to participate in a Final Seminar designed to share their experiences.

A student may not intern with his/her parent or guardian, or participate in an internship at Yorktown and other APS high school programs including Bishop O’Connell High School.

Students may not return to Yorktown during the school day.


Important documents, including the application and handbooks, are available in Senior Experience Documents from the menu on the left. Please make a note of important Deadlines in your personal calendar.

2020 Senior Experience Mentor Handbook

2020 Senior Experience Mentor Application & Business Reference

2020 Senior Experience Student Handbook

2020 Senior Experience Student Application


Important Dates and Reminders

Forms due March 27, 2020:

1. Student Application
2. Mentor Application
3. Mentor Reference
4. Student/School Agreement
5. Parent/Guardian Authorization

Final Teacher Checklist Due:

Exit Seminar – May 22, 2020, at the beginning of Period 8

Senior Experience runs from May 26 – June 15, 2020

Final Seminar – June 16, 2020, in the cafeteria at 1:20 pm (beginning of 7th Period)

Contact Information
Stephanie Meadows
Phone: 703-228-5374
FAX:    703-228-5430
Leadership Center, room 223