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Virginia Junior Academy of Sciences (VJAS)

The Virginia Junior Academy of Science (VJAS) is a state-wide organization whose purpose is to foster an interest in the sciences in middle and high school students.  Students may become a member of the Junior Academy by paying $10.00 annual dues, which are collected through their science teachers in the fall.  Student members are then eligible to submit a scientific paper reporting on experimental research that the student has conducted.  Students who have their papers accepted by the Junior Academy are then invited to present their research at the annual conference held in late May.  The cost of the conference is approximately $120.00 with the county picking up 50% of the cost.  The conference is held at different universities around the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Students work on their science projects and papers from September through January both during class time and outside of class time (after school and on select Saturday mornings).

Faculty Sponsor: Aaron Schuetz