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Most of the “Virtual” section of the website that involves troubleshooting and technical support is written to be student-directed. We encourage parents and families to work cooperatively with your student through any troubleshooting steps.


Each high school student in the Arlington Public Schools is provided a MacBook Air. When every student has a device, this is referred to as a “1:1 model,” pronounced one-to-one. Those MacBook Airs will be used to access a variety of resources for virtual learning.

  • For more information on Educational & Technical Support for your APS issued MacBook Air please visit our Technical Support page.


Each student in APS will use two major platforms for their daily learning. The Department of Teaching and Learning has designated that all APS schools use a learning management system (LMS) called Canvas and a live videoconferencing platform called Microsoft Teams. You may hear teachers refer to their “Canvas course” or their “Class Team,” in which they are referring to Canvas and Teams, respectively

Additional tools that are specific to a function (like viewing a guided slide show) or a curricular area (like practicing fundamental math skills) will be linked through both Canvas and Teams.

  • For more information on Canvas & Microsoft Teams please visit our Canvas & Teams page.

This area of our website is designed to provide the resources students will need to succeed in virtual learning at your home.

Unless otherwise specified with italicized credits or credits embedded in a video, all of the graphics and content in the Online section of this website were created by Samuel Wightman, the Instructional Technology Coordinator at Yorktown High School.

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