About Us

Mission Statement

We believe that we are a community of learners engaged in the process of systematically building connections to knowledge, to each other and to the world.We believe in working together to validate knowledge and give meaning to community, citizenship, career, leadership, integrity and civility beyond success in school.

We Believe Students Will:

  • Develop appropriate knowledge and skills to live as productive citizens in a changing world;
  • Become intellectual risk-takers who strive to reach their highest potential;
  • Use technology to acquire information, communicate with others and demonstrate learning;
  • Understand their changing roles in society by working effectively and cooperatively with peers, staff, parents and the community;
  • Seek to deliberately promote and support the worth and dignity of themselves and others;
  • Be flexible problem-solvers who seek understanding so they can apply a variety of skills to an array of situations;
  • Be active and lifelong learners who reflect on the experiences and make necessary adjustments;
  • Demonstrate moral and ethical habits in their lives

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School Management Plan