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Senior Survey

senior survey


          The Senior SURVEY and Final TRANSCRIPT Request.

Please Complete a Very Brief Survey in Naviance

Access To Naviance Here: https://student.naviance.com/yorktownhs

Requesting your final transcript is done through the Senior Survey, (question 3), which can be found in your Student Naviance Account.  Once the survey is submitted, it can not be edited. Please complete this survey today.  Instructions with images on how to access the senior survey through your Naviance account are attached.If you have if you are on a waitlist and the college requires a copy of your final transcript, (please do not send a transcript if not require, check college’s website) or if you need assistance please email Ms. Falbo at  jennifer.falbo@apsva.us


Step1: Login to Naviance or through your MyAccess Single Sign-On

Step 2: From your home page either go to “About Me” to “Survey From Your School”. You can also find the survey the home page, scroll to “What’s New” or “Important To Dos & Tasks”, click on: 2023 Arlington Public Schools Senior Survey

Step 3: Click again on: “2023 Arlington Public Schools Senior Survey”, or “complete this task” and/or “take this survey”

Step 4: When completed, click on SAVE AND FINISHStudents are asked to identify the college they will attend in the fall, question 3, transcripts will automatically be sent to that college by the first week of July.

If you need to update, another college requires a copy or if you get off another college’s waitlist list after submitting,

please contact Ms. Falbo (jennifer.falbo@apsva.us) with the update to send to new attending college.  



RETURNING your Mac Book Air: https://yhs.apsva.us/edtech/return-mba/

Yorktown CLASS OF 2023 Page: https://yhs.apsva.us/students/seniors/

Yorktown Yearbook: https://yhs.apsva.us/students/seniors/yearbook/

School Profile: https://yhs.apsva.us/about-us/profile/