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YHS Counseling Services

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Complete Today

Students are to complete the survey in order to participate in senior events.

To request your complete the 2022 Senior Survey and request a final transcript:

GO TO -Student Naviance Account > About Me  (upper right corner of your dashboard) > Surveys From My School > 2022 Arlington Public Schools Senior Survey. 


Step1: Login to Naviance through your MyAccess Single Sign-On

Step 2: From your home page go to “About Me click on: “Surveys From My School”

Step 3: Click on: “2022 Arlington Public Schools Senior Survey

Step 4: When completed, click on SAVE AND FINISH


Question 3 asks to identify the college attending in the fall. Transcripts will automatically be sent to that college by the first week of July.

If you need to update your college after submitting, please contact Ms. Falbo ( with the update.

The information collected by the senior survey is required by the Commonwealth of Virginia and is therefore mandatory to complete.


To empower all students to become successful emotionally, socially, and academically.


Building off of our diverse community, we believe that we need to educate the whole student and help all students become lifelong learners and citizens in the global community. We believe in working as a team to help equitably meet all our students’ individual needs.

Important Mental Health Links

In Crisis/Need Help Now?
Bullying Prevention (Information for Parents)

If you or someone you care about is in crisis, take action (your friend will thank you later).  You have options. Try these tips for supporting a friend or family member:

    • Call the Crisis Link Hotline at 703-527-4077 or text them at 703-997-5444
    • Chat online with a specialist at or
    • 24 hour emergency resources: 844-627-4747 / 571-364-7390
    • Go to the nearest emergency room at your local hospital
    • Call 911

Counseling Staff and Counselors


Mr. Mark Rooks, Director of Counseling (703-228-5398)
Ms. Carol Thompson, Registrar (703-228-5408)
Ms. Jennifer Falbo, Administrative Assistant (703-228-5403)
Ms. Patricia Rojas, Administrative Assistant (703-228-5363)
Ms. Sonja Schulken, Administrative Assistant (703-228-2549)
Ms. Freweini Berhane, Administrative Assistant (703-228-2540)

School Counselors

Ms. Alexis Andre Counselor (703-228-5364)
Ms. Danielle Dessaso Counselor (703-228-5394)
Mr. Rafael Espinoza Counselor (703-228-5357)
Ms. Allison Gilbert Counselor (703-228-5397)
Ms. Juanice Jenkins Counselor (703-228-5353)
Ms. Carolyn Kroeger Counselor (703-228-5396)
Ms. Ashley Moore Counselor (703-228-5395)
Ms. Jessica Reeve Counselor (703-228-5354)
Mr. Jeffrey Stahl Counselor (703-228-8744)
Ms. Audrey Vasquez-Rivera Counselor

Mr. M.D. Calabro College and Career Counselor (703-228-5383)
Ms. Austin Hamill SEL Coordinator (703-228-5432)