Counseling Department

Vision Statement

To empower all students to become successful emotionally, socially, and academically.

Mission Statement

Building off of our diverse community, we believe that we need to educate the whole student and help all students become lifelong learners and citizens in the global community. We believe in working as a team to help equitably meet all our students’ individual needs.

Important Mental Health Links

In Crisis/Need Help Now?
Bullying Prevention (Information for Parents)

Counseling Staff

Mr. Mark Rooks, Director of Counseling (703.228.5398)

Ms. Ekram Abraham, Administrative Assistant (703.228.2540)

Ms. Carol Thompson, Registrar (703.228.5408)

Ms. Laura Grande, School Testing Coordinator (703.228.5367)

Ms. Martie McCord, College & Career Specialist (703.228.5383)

Ms. Patricia Rojas, Administrative Assistant (703.228.5363)

Ms. Jennifer Falbo, Administrative Assistant (703.228.5403)



Ms. Peggy Brennan Counselor (703.228.5395)
Ms. Kaitlyn Bresnahan Counselor (703.228.5396)
Mr. M.D. Calabro Counselor (703.228.5432)
Mr. Rafael Espinoza Counselor (703.228.5357)
Ms. Juanice Jenkins Counselor (703-228-5353)
Ms. Fatima Pineda Counselor (703.228.5397)
Mr. Jeffrey Stahl Counselor (703.228.8744)
Ms. Yuchen Zhang Counselor (703.228.5394)

 Junior Night Presentation 2016

Senior Night Presentation 2016

Important Dates

  • Oct 7: Interim Progress Reports Mailed
  • Oct 10 Columbus Day Holiday
  • Oct 18 College Fair, W-L 6:00 – 8:00 pm
  • Oct 19 PSAT Testing for Sophomores and Juniors 8:19 – 12:30
  • Oct 19 Freshman report at 8:19 am for “Creating Your Own Success: Making Great Decisions”
  • Oct 19 Seniors are invited to meet with counselors, the college & career specialists and attend the writing center to work on college applications or essays
  • Oct 19 Early Release 12:34 pm
  • Oct 22 Studying for Success – Freshmen 10:30 am
  • Oct 29 Test Taking for Success – Freshmen 10:30 am
  • Nov 7 End of 1st Grading Period
  • Nov 8 Students Off – Grade Prep Day