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How to Get Letters of Rec and Transcripts at Yorktown

YHS App Flow Chart


Transcripts are requested in Naviance under the college tab. Deadlines for requesting transcripts is approximately 3 weeks in advance.  Naviance’s transcript management tool allows you to see the status as Requested  – Pending – Submitted). The Naviance system is updated once the transcript has been sent by the counselor.  For a student’s Common APP accounts or in the college’s portal confirmation may take one week to ten days to be recorded and confirmed it was received by the college.


Student and Parent Brag sheets need to be provided before a counselor recommendation is requested. Counselor Recommendation requests are completed in a google form. Please fill out a form for EACH college/university you are requesting a counselor letter of recommendation. Please be sure you have added these schools into the “College I am Applying To” tab and request your transcripts in Naviance.

LINK: https://forms.gle/T2qf6rzFd9F9mToHA 

TEACHER RECOMMENDATION Once a student has personally discussed a request with a teacher and the student provides the Teacher Brag sheet, a teacher recommendation is then requested by the student in NAVIANCE ® (College>Letter of Recommendation)HOW TO – QUICK GUIDE Naviance Recommendation Reference LINK: Letters of Recommendation using NavianceUsing the Letter of Recommendation (LOR) in Naviance Student can:

  • See the number of requests colleges in your list of Colleges I’m Applying To require and allow.
  • See the requests you have already made for colleges in your Colleges I’m Applying To list.
  • Select specific colleges and specific teachers for which you want to write a recommendation. A notification will display if the college does not allow LORs or if you have already requested the maximum number of LORs allowed by that college.
  • Make a general request if you do not have any colleges in your list of Colleges I’m Applying To or if you have no preference for which teachers will fulfill the recommendation requirements for each college.
  • See your requests along with the status of the request, including Requested, In Progress, Submitted, and Canceled.
  • See the submission date and time of each requested LOR. You will also see the date and time of each status change, as well as the name of the person who made the change. If you delete an application, the corresponding LOR request will no longer be listed on the LOR status page. If the application is restored, the LOR request will re-appear in your list of requests.

LINK TO BRAG SHEETS AND FORMS:  https://yhs.apsva.us/counseling/counseling-forms/