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Dance Team

The Dance Team performs at all home Football and Friday night Basketball games, as well as competes in various competitions throughout the year. Members are selected at a competitive try-out with 3 outside judges. Eighth-eleventh graders are invited to try out. These try-outs take place in the Spring over a 5 day period. Requirements for try-outs include: single pirouette, Russian, right split, high kicks and split leap. These skills are taught during the week of tryouts. Potential new members will be taught a 90-second routine that includes various styles of dance including: pom, hip hop, military, This routine is performed on the 5th night of tryouts in front of a panel of 3 outside judges. Results of try-outs are announced that night.

Members who make the team are required to attend all practices, competitions and performances, including a 4-day overnight dance camp. This dance camp takes place in mid to late July. The team holds summer practices during the 3 weeks before camp, and begins regular practicefor the school year in August.

Practices may be extended during preparation for competition. The Dance Team season extends until late February and resumes again for tryouts in May. No county funds are provided for the Dance Team. Members must provide a portion of their own uniforms and a rental fee of $150 covers the remaining items. Summer Dance Camp costs about $300. These costs may be waived confidentially, based on need. The Dance Team requires help from parents with fund raising to cover the purchase of new uniforms and the costs involved in participation at competitions.